Why is technology important in education

Why is technology important in education

What are the importance of using technology in education system 2021

Technology is the key of the education system. We can’t even think about an education system without technology.

The technology was involved with every corner of the system.

When we talk about the importance of technology in education, we are talking, how technology involved with the education system, Education system before technology involved, what happens if technology was not involved with education, why is technology important, is it good or bad.

How technology was involved with the education system

Nowadays technology was involved with every inch of the education system. Even pens and papers are a result of the development of technology.

 Software and hardware are becoming a more important part of the education system.

Students are spending more time looking at their laptops, tablets, or smartphones instead of books.

Today, lots of information (books, audio, images, videos) are available on the internet.

The Internet is the major turning point of education. with the internet, students can access to more educational resources.

Some universities are offering online degree programs, diplomas, and certificate programmes.  

When was the technology involved with the education system

There is no definite answer for the question. But we believe, the technology involved with education after the printing press was invented.

What are the importance of using technology in education system 2021

Students can learn without getting bored.

In a traditional classroom, everything between teachers and students happens in the same typical way.

Teacher explains and students listen or the teacher reads and the student writes.

When we are in a traditional classroom for a long time. it can be boring and students don’t like it. But with technology it is different.

Nowadays most of the students are using smartphones, tablets, laptops more than using books. So, In the teaching, doing things likes video presentations, E-teaching, Playing games can get you out from the boring classroom.

 For an example, Teachers can make a digital presentation that includes videos, images, etc for the subject.

Helpful for teachers

In education, teachers have a great responsibility. They have to teach the students the right thing. At the beginning, teachers only teach what they learned and education sources were limited. But with technology education resources are expanded.

This helps teachers a lot. Teacher can do proper research before teach. They can update their subject with the latest information.

Internet is a great place for that.  With internet, students and teachers can access to countless online resources.

In education, New teachers know how to use technology in their subjects. and technology makes their jobs much easier.

Students can learn at their own pace

Understanding level of students is different from one to another. some can learn fast, some can’t learn fast. This is a problem in a traditional classroom.  but when it comes to technology-based classrooms (smart classrooms), it is not a problem.

After technology integrated with education, students can study at their own pace. They can rewind lessons, they can get information through internet for their learning process. If you want, you can go for online lessons. Because there are lots of online courses available now.

Gain access to a huge database (Internet)

Before technology was involved with education. There are only limited resources available, most of the time it is limited to books. but with technology, it changed. Now both students and teachers can access to internet easily. 

These databases are updating day by day with the latest information. Both students and teachers can find a vast amount of information in just a few seconds. And because of that, the internet became the most important and powerful tool in the world.

Students are saying that the internet is making things easier for them to research things, relearn the content taught in institutions, etc.

Distance Learning

In this method teachers and students do not meet in a classroom. they use the internet, e-mail, skype, etc, to have classes. Students study at home on their own.

In this method, location does not matter. They can join classes wherever in the world with proper devices and with a good internet connection.

Distance learning is based on the educational tools of online learning. and students can study from Universities and other institutes around the world.

This method is very important for those who cannot attend to programmes due to family problems, health problems, financial problems, and other problems.

Distance learning is a major benefit of technology. It was confirmed when the COVID-19 disease spread. Because of the quarantine, students spent their time in their houses for months. Schools and universities did their lessons through online.


This is a major benefit. Researchers found that collaborative learning teams have a higher level of thinking and preserve information for longer times than students who work individually.

Teachers can link their students to classrooms across the world. Then students can share what they taught and discuss it with other students.

Students need a reason to collaborate. So, teachers can give hands-on projects. Teachers can create an online system for the students to ask questions, discuss topics, and share information.

What is the importance of using technology in education system 2021


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