Why people buy Google Nest Hub

Why people buy google nest hub

Voice commanding technology is one of the fastest-growing technology in the world today. you can use your voice and do such things like your day to day works. Google nest hub is a voice commanding device. That’s Why people buy google nest hub.

For an example, turn on and off lights, play some music, turn on/off and control AC, set alarm, etc. But you need to find something that understands your voice command. For that operation, google company introduced many devices to the world. Among these devices, google nest hub takes an attractive place among peoples. When this device connected to your smart products in the home. This device will automate your home. And help you with your busy lifestyle.

This is called Google nest but previously called google home hub. This is a line of smart speakers developed by google company. But users can control these devices over voice commands through Google Assistant.

The google nest hub was released on August 26, 2019. Google nest hub comes with a display. This is not just a display. This will offer you a media playback from youtube, control your smart home devices, and works as a digital photo frame for displaying photos also. And you can keep it as a pretty desk clock too.

How to set up google nest hub.

This device supported to both IOS and android phones. But first, you have to download the Google Home app to your phone. Then You need to connect the Google Nest Hub to your Home’s WI-Fi network using the Google Home app.

Be sure to Connect those devices correctly and switch on google assistant. And add your smart home devices to nest hub. then you can start experience this .this device will only offer you voice calls only. If you wish to have video calls, then you have to buy  Google nest hub max. Because nest hub max comes with a larger display and a camera.

What Is Google Nest Hub Do

  • Start your day with google home nest hub
  • Watch your favorite videos on youtube
  • Day planner 
  • Use this as a Digital Photo frame
  • Use this as a Digital Photo frame
  • This can be used as a table clock
  • Cast content
  • Think this as your assistant
  • Say Good night

Start your day with google home nest hub

We all have boring days and we don’t like to get out of bed. Nevermind, planning your day is so easy with google home nest hub. Only you have to say “Hey Google, good morning”. Then the hub will provide you with plenty of details about your day.

you can access your schedule, weather, your morning routines, your reminders, activities, events, and also news.

Watch your favorite videos on youtube

Your google nest hub has a 7-inch smart display so this is the best way to enjoy your favorite videos on youtube. Say “ Hey Google,  play the latest song by Ed Sheeran “ or “ Hey Google, play game of thrones season 8 trailer “ and everything takes care of nest hub, only you have to do is sit and watch the video. Nest hub video playing is limited to youtube.

Day planner

If you create routines in the morning. Then you have to say “ Hey Google, good morning “. then your nest hub works on your routine.

And also you can say things like “ Remind me to call Home when I get to the office “, ‘listen to NPR” and “show my agenda for the meeting “. Nest hub has designed well, so the users can have the best experience. And you can spend your day easy.

Use this as a Digital Photo frame

When  Google Nest Hub not being used. You can use this as a digital photo frame. Only you have to do few things,  tap on Google Home app on your phone, tap the cog icon, choose photo frame, and then Google Photos. From here, you can choose your albums or single photos, that need to be shown in Nest Hub.

This can be used as a table clock

You have to swipe the Display then nest hub will work like a clock. When you don’t work with the nest hub turns it into a table clock. This will give you an attractive look to your table, room, or your house.

Cast content

Do you know your Nest Hub is also a Chromecast device? This option will be available after you set up your Nest Hub through the Google Home app.

For and example, after you play youtube video on your phone. And you can cast your video to Nest Hub. then You can do your other works on the phone while the video playing in Nest Hub. And there is also sad news. Netflix won’t allow you to cast to a Nest Hub device.

Think this as your assistant

The Nest Hub is always ready to do his job. Only you have to say it, and it will take care of other things.you can add items to the shopping list, place an audio call,  ask for sports scores, weather. And also this works as an interpreter for you. Nest hub also be a cooking teacher to you it will provide you recipes you want.

Say Good night

Say “Hey Google,  Good night”  and the rest of the things will do by Nest Hub according to routine. Turn off lights, turn on lights, dims the lights, off the television, locking doors, etc. after you say good night it will do all things for you. Only you have to do is sleep very well.

Google Nest Hub is a powerful home assistant that helps you to organize your day.


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