What Does WiFi Call mean on iPhone and Android

What Does WiFi Call mean on iPhone

Have you ever heard about WIFI calling, and are you not exactly sure how it works?. Most of us exactly don’t know about WIFI calling. Sometimes we spend time in some places where our phones can’t catch signals, whether it’s a room, basement shops or signal blocked locations. That’s where WIFI calling can help us. WIFI calling is the perfect tool to keep in touch with friends and family. But you have a question “What does WiFi call mean on iPhone and Android?”

Now, Apple and Android devices support for WIFI calling.  You can call through WIFI without using service provider as the middleman. This function only available for the newest generation smartphones. There are only a few people using it today.

We collected the most important information to answer your question, “what does WIFI call mean on iPhone and Android ?”.

What is WIFI calling?

WIFI calling lets you to make and receive  video and voice calls over a WIFI connection instead of using your cellular connection. Also, WIFI calling lets  you to text. If you are in an area where voice service weak or unavailable then you can use WIFI calling to making voice calls.

You have to know this is not an app, this is a function installed in your phone. But, if your phone does not have this function, then you can download an app for that. But it is necessary that the person, whom you want to call , has the same app too. For this way you really don’t need WIFI, having data is enough too.

These wifi calls don’t go through a traditional telecommunication providers. WIFI operates itself on a series of standards established by the IEEE and the WIFI ALLIANCE. Only you need a high speed broadband connection and a router. Typically, wireless routers offer approximately 150 feet of range from it’s location. This coverage depends on some factors like building materials.

Your device must have HD voice capable to use WIFI calling. And you can turn on and off WIFI calling in your phone.

How does WIFI calling work?

When you make a call through WIFI calling, it works by reaching a carrier over the internet to establish a phone line. We use VoIP system for this process. Fundamentally, WIFI calling uses VoIP to provide callers a better calling experience. This VoIP system is also working in apps like WhatsApp, Skype, etc.

You can make calls even if you don’t have a cellular connection or a SIM card.

Do you get charged for WIFI calling ?

The WIFI calling feature is available at no additional charges and is included as a part of your exiting voice plan. WIFI calling is perfect for overseas travelers because there is no roaming or international charge for making calls or text massages. However, if you call an international line using US based smartphone, then you will be charged an international rate based on your international calling plan.

What is the difference between WIFI calling and cellular calling?

WIFI calls are like regular calls but it use internet instead of a phone line.  We don’t use our carrier’s network connection for WIFI calling. We use WIFI networks for that. You can use the WIFI connection at the home, office, hotel and etc.

How to setup WIFI calling on iphone and android ?

WIFI calling does not automatically enabled on smartphones. You have to turn it on. To turn on WIFI calling on your iPhone, go to settings > cellular > Wi-Fi Calling and then toggle on Wi-Fi calling on.

To activate WIFI calling on android phones, go to WIFI setting under settings >  Networks & internet > Mobile Networks > Advanced > Wi-Fi Calling.

After you activate WIFI calling, you can dial as usual. Rest of the things will handle by the system.

Advantages of WIFI calling

The signal strength of some areas like, well insulated buildings or in underground buildings, can be low. So, mobile network is often not sufficient to make a normal telephone call. But when you using WLAN,  it doesn’t matter. Now WLAN is available in almost all buildings and at most of the underground stations. You can turn on WIFI calling and make calls.

Disadvantages of WIFI calling

The disadvantage of WIFI calling is, you have to log into an additional network. There is also some rumors that tell, WLAN radiation is harmful to  health. And sometime the WLAN router can be password protected because it can be someone’s property. However, nowadays public WIFI facility is available in lot of areas.

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