Do people really need technology in their lives is it really a necessity

is technology really a necessity

 What is a necessity means ?

Necessity means a something we need, especially in order to live. What do we need to live? We need water, air, food, love, clothes, houses to live. Are those enough to live in 20th century? What will be your answer? It is hundred percent “no”.

You will say we need vehicles to travel, mobile phones to communicate, computers to work, entertainment methods such as songs, movies, etc.

What are these things? Have you ever wondered?

What is technology?

When you think about the word “technology”, What is the first thing that comes to your mind?  Is it something that has to run on electricity?

In today’s world, technology plays a very important role in every field as well as in our lives.

 Is technology really a necessity?

“Is technology really a necessity?”. if I ask this question 15 or 20 years ago, then your answer would be “no”. Because in that time, technology was not really a necessity.

For an example, 20 years ago we really didn’t need a mobile phone. But now it is totally different, in 20th century we can’t even think about a day spending without a phone. Everyone has a mobile phone. Even children also have mobile phones. That means Mobile phone is a necessity.

Mobile phone is a result of the revolution of technology. So that means technology is a necessity.

Now if someone asks you that, “Is technology, really a necessity?” simply you can say it is a necessity.

Technology is a necessity in our day to day life.

When we are going on a trip, we do not communicate with the locals to know directions. Instead of asking directions from people, we ask Siri or Google.

As technology improves day by day on our smartphones, we become lazy as with that. Our interactions with other people are becoming worsened.

For an example, We no longer need to ask from other people the calculation, time, reminders, train times, finding locations, etc., We have a spellchecker on our hands., we can ask Siri or Google for that.

Whether in personal or business life, technology improved communication systems. And technology is slowly overtaking our general life.

In 2020, the amount of people who are using social media is over 3.9 billion in worldwide. We use internet to connect with people from all over the world. People use internet for business and social reasons. We are communicating through various social media platforms. We use social media for lots of things. Such as marketing, promotions, selling, brand promoting, fun, etc.

Social media is a necessity or an addiction ?

How fast you can go from one place to another? You can simply say  “I can go very fast “.

In ancient times, people used carts to travel. It was very slow when it’s comparing to today’s technology.

Todays’ world, people are very busy with their works. Sometimes people need to travel to their office daily. People use public transport services or their own vehicles for that.

Did you ever wonder? What happens if vehicles vanish from the world.  Every work will be very slow. Such as transportation, deliveries, etc. Lots of works will be stopped. As well as lots of jobs will be destroyed. So, lots of people will be helpless.

We can’t even think about the transport without technology In this new world.

For an example, If an accident happens, the ambulance is one call away. People who got hurt will get treatments very fast.

Have you ever thought that, where is the healthcare technology now, when comparing over 20 years?

Nowadays, healthcare technology is on a different level and in the middle of a revolution. Healthcare technology is definitely one of the most important parts of our day to day lives.

2009 H1N1 Pandemic is an example for a situation where the necessity of technology was highlighted. Thanks to the development of technology, scientists had found the cure.

Healthcare is a part of our lives. It is our right to have medical care whenever we need it.

Without healthcare, people are in danger. If we do not get a proper healthcare – Diseases, malnutrition, pregnancy can become dangerous.

Lots of machines were invented in the healthcare field in the last two decades, and more yet to come.

These machines are very useful and fast. Doctors are able to identify the diseases fast and give a proper medical treatment fast. So, humans can live a long healthy and happy life.

We need technology for our day to day lives. Our lives are bounded with technology. Now if someone ask “Is technology is really a necessity?”, simply you can say is” Yes, technology is a necessity in our life”

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