Does technology always lead us to a good life how and why?

Does technology always lead us to the good life

Think about what you do from the moment you wake up in the morning until you fall asleep at the night. How much do you use technology in that time?

In this century, we can’t even spend a day without technology.  Because we have an unbreakable bond with technology.

Modern tech devices like smartphones’, computers, etc, makes our works very easy.

 Does technology always lead us to a good life? Everyone has this question. So, I am going to answer this question.

Does technology always lead us to a good life?

I personally believe that technology is a tool to build a good life. But, is technology always leads us to good life?

Technology leads us to a good life and the same time it doesn’t lead us to a good life either. It depends on how we define a good life.  

Technology can affect us if we misuse it. So, balance between technology and human labour is essential, technology never should overpower humans.

Relationship between good life and science

What do you think about technology? Is it good or bad?

Well, in my view, it is very good, because if there is no technology how should I play Cyberpunk 2077 or watch game of thrones.

We all have reason to like technology as well as dislike to technology. It depends on how we think about it.

For an example. If we ask a student, he will say that, technology is very good and very helpful. Because it makes their education far easier. If you ask a parent, they will say, before their kids buy phones, they used to sit and talk with them. But now they are busy exploring cities in GTA V.

technology is good if you use it instead of it use you.

If you have a smartphone and internet connection, you can access to huge database, which can help you in So many ways. Such as, booking tickets, online shopping, etc.

10 reasons why technology is good

1. Saves time

Technology is very helpful and it saves time. In this century, people are very busy with their jobs, educations, etc. Sometimes they did not even have time to checkout their family, they don’t have time go on a vacation. It is a very sad situation.

But thanks to technology people are able to work for their company while in their homes. Students can learn or attend to their lectures at anywhere in the world. So, they are able to save the time they used to travel to their workplaces, schools, universities.

For an example, when you are in unfamiliar town, you don’t know the exact way that you have to go, so you will ask from people in that town. This will take lot of time. But now only you have to do is tell the Siri or Google to set the destination. It will everything, such as where you should turn, traffic situation, etc.

2. Saves money

Saving money is something that everyone willing to do. There are so many ways to save money.

Technology has changed the world in so many ways that it is literally impossible to ignore it. And One of the main goal of technology is making things cheaper and more affordable for people.

For an example, In manufacturing field, all the things handle by machines. Several years ago people are used to work in manufacturing. It is very cost and slow. But with the machines we can manufacture lots of products in less time with less money.

3. Technology improves transportation

I think transportation is in the middle of a revolution. Moving from one place to another place was never easy unless technology involved in transportation. There are so many benefits of technology in the transport sector, such as speed, safety, comfort, good roads, efficient.

For example, before aeroplane invented, people used ships to transport between two countries. This took so much time, sometimes it took take several months to travel. But now it takes only few hours.

Have you ever wondered what will be the future of technology? As I think, Delivery drones, flying taxis, hyperloops and other technologies are in development stages. And those will soon be integrated into transportation system.

4. Technology improves healthcare

Does technology always lead us to the good life

Technology has changed the health in so many ways through pass years. Now people can easily access to medical information. If people suffering from questionable symptoms they can immediately consult the internet for an answer.

Earlier, it takes weeks or even a month to get the results of medical test but now it possible to get the results as soon as the test was done. They can see their test result through clinics web portals, email, etc.

For more, e channeling, electronic health records, etc.

5. Technology improves security

Advancement of technology is making us safer. Every security system we can see was integrated with technology.

Security devices are increasingly popular for both business owners and homeowners. Among security systems, CCTV camera system is very famous.

For more, fingerprint systems, face ID systems, Smoke alarms, vehicle security alarms systems, etc.

6. Improves food production

Does technology always lead us to the good life

The current world population has estimated as 7.8 billion (2020-December). And scientists are predicting that world’s human population will increase by 2 billion persons in the next 30 years. So, how much food we need in future?

Well, food production was increased so much in past years. So many technologies were invented, such as chemical fertilizers, pesticides, modern machines, artificial selections, genetic engineering, etc.

For an example, artificial selection – Using artificial selection, scientists are able to create varieties of plants that are suited to different climates, soil types, pests and to increase the productions.

7. Communication

Technology has brought so many things to communication world. Before telephone was invented, people use letters to communicate. But, since the first telephone was invented by Graham Bell, everything begins to change. It keeps on changing and moving forward. Now, we can instantly contact anyone anywhere in the world.

Social media platforms like, WhatsApp, Facebook has improved human communication all over the world.  These platforms give opportunity to share information, news, opinions and other things with far wider audience.

8. Improves the education system

Does technology always lead us to the good life

We all know how important technology in education. It was proved when the COVID 19 disease spread. Students did not miss their academics. They study through online, platforms like zoom made that process easier.

If we think about technology, first thing that comes to our mind is internet. We can find anything through internet. Especially when we are doing assignments, projects.

And also, technology improved communication between teacher and students, improves student’s safety, improves collaboration, etc.

9. Improved banking

Less than a decade ago people have to fill forms to take money or deposit. But now people can insert card and take money. People can do almost everything by mobile application, such as purchasing things, transferring money, etc.

The world is at your fingertips. Ordering food or shopping clothes, everything is only a finger tap away. You don’t need to carry cash in hand. You can make a digital payment from your E-wallet.

10. Global knowledge access

Does technology always lead us to the good life

World Wide Web, You know as www made the whole world connected.

Now every person on the earth can access to huge database network called internet. We can find any information from anywhere in the world. Only need internet connection and device.

bad things caused by technology

  • Air pollution
  • Ocean pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • Traffic accidents and injuries
  • Wars
  • Health problems
  • People are getting lazy
  • Destruction of wild life

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