What does technology and compass have in common?

What do technology and compass have in common

If we take a look at the world decades before and the world today, we will see that many things are changing. These are changing consistently at a higher pace. Technology is bringing a lot of innovations into our life. It is making life easier as well. People are sophisticated inventions, and on the other hand, there is a simple compass.

While it is so simple, we cannot think of our life without it. While being simple and minimalistic, it provides a lot of uses. Here we will be discussing What does technology and compass have in common.

How was the first compass made?

In the earlier times, the sun was the main source of telling the direction. Humans were utilizing the sun alone to tell the direction while traveling. If we look at the history of a compass, we will see that the main instrument here was the magnetic needle or pin. The idea was to make it float freely by placing it on a piece of wood floating on water.

This was nothing but the science of the magnetic field of the earth and the needle that made it a point towards the north. An amazing thing about the compass is that one can temporarily charge a nettle with electromagnetic fields by rubbing vigorously. Then it will become a compass for some time if it is let float on the water.

What does the evolution in technology show us?

What is technology? It is the implementation of science and its knowledge that helps with practical purposes. Whether it is some sort of innovation in the industry, agriculture, education, personal life, or any other field of life. It is all because of technology.
Taking a look at evolution, we will see that things were not as advanced as today. However, the consistent research and implementation of knowledge still help us today to innovate.

What does technology and compass have in common?

If we keep technology and compass side by side, one will be a single product used only to tell direction on earth. However, the other one is known for changing the way we live. From making the world into a global village to allowing humans to explore the rest of the space.
Although these two seem to be very different, there are a lot of similarities among them. Here we will discuss them.

  • Both follow science and its rules for their development.

Whether it is the compass with a needle and a floating piece of wood or the enormous technology. They both follow the knowledge of science. The point is that they follow the knowledge of science available at that time.

  • Both are there to make life easier.

The implementation of science in both cases is solely for making life easier. While the sun was only able to tell the direction in the daytime, the compass can do this 24/7. Likewise, technology has made this life so easy. Just an instance of the internet is more than enough to justify this point.

Final Remarks:

Sometimes some things seem to be very different, but their root is same. This is the case with the latest technology and the old age compass. It is because they seem so different. However, the implementation of teachings and knowledge of science exists in both. Here we were discussing What does technology and compass have in common.

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