Does technology always follow science?

Does technology always follow science

Science is there since the beginning of the world, and we discover it bit by bit. However, technology has never been there before. It is always under the process of development. Humans develop one thing, which is used to develop the other, and the chain goes on. It is the reason for all the amazing things and gadgets that we have these days. However, the real question is that Does technology always follow science?

Well, an answer to this is yes, that technology follows science. But things are not as simple as they seem. It is because sometimes technology is the basis for discovering some new thing in science. So, here we will be discussing everything about the relation between science and technology.

The usage relationship between technology and science

If we look at the way these two are used, they have a very strong relation. Science is beneficial for technology, but technology is very beneficial for science in several ways as well.

Keeping in view that technology is the practical implementation of the knowledge of science. And science is the actual knowledge that is being implemented. Here we will discuss how each of these works for the other one.

How does technology use science?

Technology uses science in several ways. If we take the simplest example of a light bold, we will see that it uses science as its roots. Even the invention without science and experimenting would not have been possible. In the case of bold, the knowledge of resistance, heat, and their relationship with electricity to produce light was used.

As the first bulb was made, this led to years of improvements in making bulbs. These improvements are now present in the form of light-emitting diodes technology. Well, what has made this possible? It was the knowledge of science and research as well.

How does science use technology?

Here we will take an example of the internet. In the older times, books were the only source of information. While the information was present, there were no ways of sharing it quickly. It was the main reason why discoveries took too long. However, the technology of the internet has changed the way science used to be.

It is because the internet has made it possible for everyone to search for anything. People can even share their works for others to study. As in the older times, it took a lot of time and effort to research and concluded it. It is not the case now. It is because internet technology helps to do things in minutes. So, scientific discoveries finish in a matter of days.

What is the ultimate goal here? Does technology always follow science?

Whether you speak of science helping technology or technology helping science, what is the main goal? Well, since the world has been created, we humans have been working on making things easier. The first wheel was made to support easier transportation. Then it was the reason for the invention of the car, and then things kept on getting better.

The same is the case with science and technology. One helps the advent of the other, and then this new thing helps to make the older one advance. This chain reaction keeps on going, and things keep on improving with every iteration.

However, the interesting thing is that the main goal is not to keep improving things just for this chain reaction. The main goal is to make life easier and more efficient. Taking a look at all the inventions and advancements, we can see that the goal was to make our lives easier.

How science and technology bring a revolution for each other?

Besides following each other, technology and science revolutionize each other in several ways as well. Here we will discuss how technology follows science, and they bring the revolution.

  • Science is the source of new technological ideas.

As science is the knowledge and the research work implies this knowledge. It gets the doorway to new ideas. The amazing thing here is that the ideas are the basis for the development of new technology. So, in his way, technology follows science for its revolution.

  • Science helps a lot in designing new tools and techniques.

While science is providing ideas about technology, it is also helping in designing new and better tools and techniques. It is because we study the older ones and get the weak points in them. The new tools and techniques developed through thorough research.

The amazing thing is that these play a huge role in the development of new technologies. So, ultimately the technology is following science here as well.

  • Science plays an important part in technology assessment.

Sometimes technology seems to be amazing and great, but it is not that great. How do we know about that? It is the research and knowledge of science that makes us able to assess the technology.

So, with the help of this work of science, we can tell if the technology is better or not. It is one of the biggest things to justify everything about whether technology always follows science.

  • Advancements in technology bring new scientific challenges.

Considering that new technology is ready, it will be the doorway towards the new challenges towards science. Taking the example of the microscope, there was not a lot of knowledge about different microorganisms. As the technology of microscopes was there. It was the starting of a lot of law research challenges of science.

Final Remarks:

Does technology always follow science? It has been a very popular confusion among people. While some say yes, some say no. However, the ultimate answer to this confusion is that science and technology are nothing without each other.

If these both do not play the role for each other, the world of innovation will come to a stop, and nothing new will be developed. So, does technology always follow science? Yes! It does, and science follows technology as well.

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