Relationship between science and technology (full guide)

Science and technology are related to each other in various ways.

In this article, I am going to tell you about everything about science and technology, Also I added extra interesting information that will help you to better understand science and technology-related things. So keep reading. 

What is science and what is technology? 

Take some time and think about how we spend our day since we wake up in the morning and fall asleep at night. How many devices we were used, how many things we were done. These devices can be explained using science and technology.

Some people say science and technology are same while some people say different. We all know both words have different definitions. But my opinion is they are nothing without each other. 

Technology is the sum of skills, techniques, methods, and processes used in the production of services, devices, etc. Simply we can say we are using technology to solve our problems and to keep our life very easy.  

According to oxford, science is “a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe” 

 There are so many questions that we can talk about, how are science and technology-related, how are they different from each other, etc.

So first, let’s talk about how science and technology are related.

How are science and technology-related?

In the beginning. I told you that technology and science are nothing without each other. What I meant was science uses technology to make discoveries while technology uses science to make goods, services and to solve problems. 

They both have different goals. People who are interested in science are always trying to increase their knowledge and dig into more about things that need answers like how big is the universe. 

But people who are in technology are trying to find solutions to practical problems. There are so many examples we can find in the history of science and technology that can explain the relationship between science and technology.

 For example, Phone, communication through letters is a very slow and time-consuming thing. So scientists invented the telephone. So people can speak to their loved ones in just a few seconds even if they are so far from each other. 

Science means studying the natural world. In this world, there are so many things that we can’t understand by seeing with our eyes. Sound is one of them. 

Have you ever wondered how sound travels through the air? 

Sound is all about vibrations, when we speak, these vibrations bump into nearby molecules, then into the next one, to the third one and the fourth one, etc. Then it creates a wave of vibrations. These waves travel through mediums like water, wood, and air. These waves keep going until they run out of energy.

That is the scientific explanation for how sounds travel. So, the scientists built the telephone based on that theory. 

When you speak with your friend through your phone. Your phone converts your voice into an electrical signal and then sends it to the nearest cell tower via radio waves. And this tower sends these radio waves to your friend’s phone. Then again these radio waves transform into digital signals before converting back into sound again.

Now you can understand how technology uses science to do its work. If there was no science then the phone will not exist today. Science offers the knowledge needed for technological inventions. We can say science is the brain of technology.

For further understanding, I will take you through some more details about how are science and technology-related. 

Science is always there since the beginning of the world. We discovered those things bit by bit and still we are discovering things. Technology makes these discoveries very easier. 

For example, in ancient times astronomical researches are very hard because at that time they did not have enough technologies to make things easier, but with the new inventions, these things get easier. Now scientists can photograph stars that a million kilometers aways. And Even we can go to the moon. 

If we think about books. Before the internet came into the world we wrote everything in books and stored it somewhere. 

Then everything changed after the internet came. All the people started to use the internet. People start to share lots of information through the internet.  

 Everything is one search away. If something happens on the other end of the world. The news spread all around the world just in minutes. This is all because of technology.

So thanks to technology, scientific discoveries finish in a matter of days because all the data is in your hand.

This is how technology helps science with its inventions. These things get a lot better with time. So, the relationship between science and technology is unbreakable.  

Science uses technology, as well as technology uses science. Science is the source of new ideas(theories). It helps a lot in designing new tools, gadgets, etc. Advancements in technology bring new challenges to science. 

For example, scientists are only able to analyze the visible parts of the human body that only the human eye can see but after the microscope was invented they had to face the big challenges, that is, they have to analyze cells that are invisible to the human eye.

Now you can get the idea of how science and technology are related, and what is the relationship between them.

The positive and negative impacts of technology.

It has become a common occurrence in the night news to hear about murder, theft, fraud, and accidents almost every day. The advancement of technology and science has brought both good and bad benefits to society and the environment. 

Positive impacts of technology and science

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1. It makes life easier

 Almost everyone uses technology and science to do so many activities. Such as cooking, bathing, and studying. Etc. We can live healthy and comfortable lives with science and technology.

2. It helps us to organize our works

Nowadays, most people have phones, computers, tablets, and laptops. These devices help us to organize our work. We can set reminders, so we can keep an eye on our priorities. 

Even we can manage our businesses very easily. There are so many software for that. You will never get lost in your work because of these technologies.

3. Help us to work faster 

A long time ago, accountants used to do their work by hand. It takes so much time, even sometimes companies hired many employees for that. Their calculations might be wrong sometimes. But with the help of science and technology, it is very easy now we can do millions of calculations in seconds. We can manage so many things at once. Some people work for many companies because these technologies help them to do work faster and correctly.

4. Solves our problems

You already know that we use technology to solve practical problems. What are the problems that technology solved?

 We needed a method to do calculations quickly and reliably so scientists invented a calculator. 

We needed a way to communicate very fast so we invented the telephone. So, like that, almost every device we use every technology we use is a solution for a particular problem.

5. It helps us to communicate faster and easier

We all know that there are so many ways to communicate with each other. Telephones, cell phones, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook. 

Now, a 13-year-old kid can develop a communication app.

When we were little we waited for an email to come because something like that rarely happens but now we receive tons of emails. That’s how technology develops the communication industry. We can message, voice chat, even we can video call with anyone in the world. We can arrange group meetings even if we are not in the same room or in the same country.  

6. It makes calculations very easier

Mathematics is all kids’ nightmare because it is hard and kids do not like it.

 When it comes to big calculations, such as building a 600m tall building. It is hard to do calculations by hand. So for that, there are so many devices to do that.

 So the engineers can easily decide what materials they should use, how much money they should need, and so.

7. This made transportation much easier

Now people can travel very fast. Cars, buses, bikes, boats, planes, google maps change the way we travel. 

Think you are going on a trip with your friends. Before you go you can book hotels, check the weather so you can get everything ready and go on this trip.

 Even when you are going you don’t need to ask for directions from people on the side of the road, simply you can turn on GPS on your vehicle to track the right path.

8. It took Food productivity to another level

This is a major advantage of science and technology. We all know that the human population is growing very fast. Because of that, the demand for food is growing exponentially. So we need to produce so much food. 

After identifying this problem they came up with solutions. They found a way to achieve higher food production, found seeds that were resistant to any weather, found ways to preserve foods for a long time, etc.

And also you must remember that science and technology also help to grow the human population. Click here to know more about it.

9. It helps mankind to understand their history

Scientists are trying to find how people used to live thousands of years ago. So, they researching places based on information from old books, tale stories, stone tablets, etc. They are searching for evidence of how people used to live in that time, how they died. and so on.

For example, when we found human bones. Now We can tell how old these bones are. Science has advanced enough to do that. So We can take lessons from our history to live in the future.

10. saving thousands of lives

If you search about history you can simply identify so many epidemic outbreaks from all over the world. Millions of people died. The latest example is the Covid-19 virus. It spread all around the world in such a small time. But thanks to science we are able to find solutions for these pandemics.

When you are born you will get several vaccines from time to time because of these viruses. These vaccines protect us from those viruses. That’s how science and technology are saving thousands of lives.

Negative effects of technology and science

1. Sedentary lifestyle

When we were little, we used to play cricket with our friends till night. But nowadays, kids spend their whole day with a smartphone, tablet, or pc. They are not involved with activities at all. They are lying down on the sofa and watching television, playing video games, and reading. These things can lead to health problems.

2. Health problems

There are many health problems caused by technology. Among them, eye strain, back pain, neck pain, headaches, wrist pain, and tunnel syndrome takes a major place. The main reason is that a lot of people using computers, smartphones, and laptops almost every day. 

We have to use technology properly, otherwise, we end up being sick. If you know someone is experiencing these problems, please tell them and teach them to use technology properly.

3. Environment pollution

Environmental pollution is a major problem that we are facing. The main reason is, there are tons of wastes dumped into the environment every day. This caused major problems like air pollution, water pollution, land and soil pollution, noise, and light pollution. Almost all the time these things happen because of technological inventions and science.

These things can directly affect our health, food, water, and also to wildlife. So we need to find answers to these. And it is happening, for example, Tesla cars, these cars are fully electric. Those cars do not cause air pollution.

4. Crimes and terrorism

The advancement of technology and science changes not only our society but also crime and terrorism. For example, terrorists can promote themselves and encourage others through social media. And also people selling drugs using dark webs, and also trading weapons. This is wrong, but we can not stop it, the only thing that we can do is prevent it. There are so many things like that, such as, stealing data, phishing, fraud, etc.

5. Job insecurity

Lots of jobs are insecure in today’s world. Many jobs are performed remotely via the internet, which means everything begins to change. Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest-growing technologies in the world. Someday this will replace so many jobs.

You can see some companies trying to develop automated cars. So that means one day jobs like delivery jobs, driving jobs will disappear.

6. Privacy concerns

It is hard to have personal privacy in the digital world. Because your data can be stolen or sold. For example, images and videos that you post online can be dangerous if they got into the wrong hands. So be careful when publishing these things.

7. Addiction

Addiction is a major problem. Social media, video games, chatting and dating websites, porn sites are taking a major place. They are advertising all over the internet so the users end up wasting vast amounts of time and money.

 Especially video games. Kids and teenagers ruin their life because of those.

8. Scams

When we are surfing the internet we can see so many products for cheap prices. Don’t fall into those scams because people are trying to steal your card details, so always buy from reliable companies. There are millions of scams out there. We don’t know what is reliable and what is not. So be careful. 

9. It makes people lonely

Does technology make us more alone? Nowadays people spend most of their time in front of a digital screen. Some of them don’t even know what happens in the next room. They are playing games, doing their jobs. They don’t have time to talk to their loved ones, friends, relatives. This will damage their relations between them. So, yes technology and science make us more alone. (click here to read more)

There are so many common questions that people ask. What would you personally miss most in such a situation without technology? What would life be like without technology? How science and technology helped population growth? Does technology always follow science? Like that, So keep reading.

What would life be like without technology?

What would life be like without technology? Is it good or bad for society? Well. It depends on how we use technology. The way it affects you varies from person to person. That is, if you are a person doing an online job, or online business, this will affect you very badly but if you are a farmer, the impact is minimal.

 The advancement of technology is changing our lives every second. Robotics technology, artificial intelligence takes the world to the next level. Even vehicles, rice cookers, radio, tv, phones, computers, everything is part of our lives. What will happen if we lose all of those, can you imagine?

There is not an industry that has not been affected by the advancement of technology, whether it’s positively or negatively. Transportation, communication, healthcare, food production, etc.

When it comes to healthcare technology you can see it that is not what it was ten years ago. 

So many inventions, solutions are introduced every day. Top-class hospitals with better facilities and treatments changed the way of the healthcare industry. Medical devices, tests changed the way how healthcare works. 

We can travel very fast whether it’s on-air, ground or water. 

Technology makes traveling more friendly and secure. The chances of getting lost on the road are almost zero. So the advancement of the transportation industry is one of the great advantages for humans.

The communication industry changed the world more than any other industry. It is the most powerful tool we have. It is updating every day with new devices, programs, and platforms. This is a billion-dollar marketplace. 

People use numerous ways to get their news and information, like Youtube, social media, websites, blogs, podcasts, etc. And also millions of people earn money through these ways and a lot of people do these for a living.

So like that everything has a bond with technology. So what will happen if technology disappeared? Surely everything will fall apart. We can not even think about what will happen to us. Because almost all people rely on these technologies. 

For example, What happens to people if bus drivers go on a strike? A lot of people can’t go to work, and many students are unable to go to school. Everything will be in a mess.

So now you can understand what would life be like without technology.

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