What are the Negative effects of video games

Negative Effects Of Video Games

Video games are mainly designed for entertainment purposes. People spent countless hours by playing video games. However the player must play with a self control. If the player plays much video games uncontrollably it can lead to bad results. When we talk about video games, there are so many video games available in different types. Action, adventure, mini, educational , etc. And some video games are good but some video games give adverse effects. let’s see what are the negative effects of video games on students.

  • Shoulder pain
  • Wrist issues
  • Neck pain
  • Digital eye strain
  • Impair your hearing
  • Behavior
  • Mental problems
  • Addiction  

Shoulder pain

 Several factors and conditions can be caused to shoulder pain. As a video game player, shoulder pain can be caused by the poor sitting positions you use. Sometimes you play video games by laying on bed. You have to know that your sleeping positions also can lead to shoulder pain. Among video gamers, This injury is occurring more while using computers.

There is a chance that the pain will be a permanent condition. So the healthy postures are essential for gamers.

Wrist issues

Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of major disease of the hand. This happens due to excess pressure in your wrist and on the median move. And certain conditions can increase your risk for developing it. Most computer and console game players face this situation. Because these players move their wrist repeatedly for long time. That can be caused to carpal tunnel syndrome as well as it’s develops.

Carpal tunnel is not the only disease you face. sometimes gamers may even have a wrist problems like tendonitis. Which is painful inflammation of the thick tissue that attaches your bone to muscle.

Neck pain

Common daily activities can lead to neck pain. As a gamer, awkward posture is one of major cause for headaches and neck pain. 60 percent of Gamers between the ages of 12 and 23 are suffer from neck pain. This can happen if player spend too much time on his poor postures.

Most of time neck pain is not a serious condition and can be relieved within a few days, but in some cases, neck pain can lead to serious injury. So, using the healthy ways can reduce the risk of neck pain.

Digital eye strain

Video game players always work with a digital screen. But if player spent too much time on staring at the display can cause to problem called “digital eye strain “. Eye strain can be uncomfortable but it does not lead to any serious eye damage. And this can also lead to worsening of vision.

Do you want to avoid from this disease? Then, after playing video games for twenty minutes you should look at something twenty feet away from you for twenty seconds. Doing this after every twenty minutes of playing video games can reduce digital eye strain.

Impair your hearing

We all know that loud noises can harm your ears. As well as Headphones and earbuds damage to your ears the same way other loud noises do. Most of video game players use headphones and earbuds when they are playing video games. So, listening to loud noises for long time can overwork hair cells in the ears. If that happens, then your hair cell can die.

As long as you use headphones, the damage to cells will continue. And if the cells don’t get enough to recover, the damage can be permanent. Don’t exposure to loud noises to prevent the problem from getting worse.

You can use noise-canceling headphones or earbuds. But remember to turn the volume up just enough for to hear music comfortably.


Playing video games can caused to interrupted daily activities. Generally, playing video games should be limited to three hours for day. That is recommended time from health organizations. If you spent more than three hours to play video games. Then it can be lead to addiction. As well as, Playing too long can cause to interrupt to your academics, job, relations, etc. so remember to play video games within limit.

There are so many violent video games available in video game industry. And these violent video games can affect to your behavior.

 for an example, trying out some violent activities of the games in the real world.

Video games are not causing for heavy violence but somewhat effective for the violent behaviors.

Mental problems

some scenes that exists in some video games can cause to mental problems. These scenes can be violent scenes or emotional scenes, however it can effect to your mental health. so these are the negative effects of video games


If you spent more than 3 hours to video games. Then there is a chance to addict to video games. There are several things to check to know whether you are addicted to video games.

  • Getting anger when you are unable to play.
  • Always turn your mind to video games and therefor neglect other activities.
  • Always stay in home play video games
  • Make fake reasons to play video games. Etc.

This addiction can be caused to waste valuable time and you relations with others can be damaged or decrease.so these are the negative effects of video games

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