Is technology good or bad for society

Is technology good or bad for society

Is technology good or bad for society? Technology is an indispensable part of today’s world. Because it makes things easier.

 Technology has two sides. One is a good side and the other is a bad side. Today we decided to write an article explaining to you the good and the bad side of technology.

What is technology?

First of all, you have to know “what is technology” means. Technology does not have an exact meaning or definition. People have given it different meanings depending on their viewpoint.

Simply we can say, Technology is the sum of knowledge, skills, methods and techniques used to create tools, machines, products and services that fulfill our needs and desires.

Technology does not have an exact subject or field. Because we use technology in every field. Education, Transport, Health, Business, Sports, Etc.

Is technology good or bad for society?

Is the story of technology really bad? Some people say “The life was very simple with technology “and some people say, “ The life was more complicated with technology”. What is the truth?

In today’s world technology can be found at every place. because Technology was evolved to everything.

Why technology is good for us

Have you ever wondered, what happens if there is no technology? Without technology world is nothing. Because technology is already a big part of our lives. And it helps us in various ways.

We use technology for business and personal reasons. And with the advancement of technology, people can do lots of things. Such as, in travelling, in communication, In learning, in businesses.

Why technology is bad for us

People think that our lives are very simple with technology. But there is a bad side of technology.

Advancement of technology not only focus on good things. People create weapons, bombs, that can destroy big areas in seconds.

Technology does not care about the natural environment. That is, natural resources are being destroyed as a result of technology. Especially because of industrial purposes.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology

When we talk about “Is technology good or bad for society” there is a lot to talk.

Advantages differentiate from field to field. Every field has a good side and a bad side. Let’s talk about major fields.

How technology has changed Education

Now technology has integrated with the educational system with an unbreakable bond. And it proved when the COVID-19 disease spread. We using technology for both teaching and learning.

There are lots of benefits from technology. but in some cases, there are also some disadvantages.

when we think about the advantages. E-Learning is the first thing that comes to our mind. eLearning offers many benefits. including saving money, saving time, etc.

All schools and universities were closed when the COVID-19 virus spread. But it does not affect academics of students because all the lectures were presented online. students attended to lectures from home while quarantine.

when we discuss about traditional classrooms, books and pens are the main things. but nowadays most of the students spend their time on mobile phones and computers. and they do not give much attention to read books.

there are lots of games available that are related to academics. In present, students are addicted to games. So if we focus them to use educational games, this can be good for their education. Mainly these games are good for small kids.

 teachers are using multimedia to teach students. it is a better way rather than using traditional teaching because, students like to watch more than listen and reading. Because our minds take in or memorizing visuals more than reading words.

Students can find everything that they need through the internet. and they don’t need to write everything on books, simply they can use a computer or a tablet for that. because they don’t need to carry lots of books.

besides, you can now finish degrees online, improve communication, Do researches easily, quick to find information, eBooks.

When we talk about the bad side.

there are several things that we can talk.

Nowadays students are more depending on laptops, tablets, etc, and they don’t use pens and books that much. These devices are more helpfull but they are expensive and maintenance costs are high. so in some way, technology has made education expensive.

according to some researches, that primitive way of teaching is more interacting with students rather than modern teaching techniques. with the advancement of technology, lots of primitive techniques are eliminated.

for an example, when the students are learning through online, they only study by themselves. They do not discuss with others about the topic. But in a primitive way, students discuss with the teacher and with the other students. It is a huge disadvantage.

The Internet is one of the major things in education. but sometimes we have to face some issues, like signal loss, server error, connectivity problems, etc. this can harm your education.

Sometimes your software and hardware devices can also have errors. due to these kinds of problems, your educational programs can be missed and your time will be wasted.

When we seek information, the first thing we do is seeking on internet. but sometime the information on the internet might be wrong. Sometimes the information does not have a valid source. due to this wrong information, students can be misguided. 

besides, students lose their social connection with other students, students lose their writing skills, spent more time on social media, lose connection with teachers, etc.


Did you ever think about how fast you can travel from one place to another?

Nowadays transportation is in a good level. and in the middle of a revolution. transportation is improving day by day with the newest technologies.

Before technology was involved with transportation, people use animals for their transportation needs. After the technology was involved with transportation, the revolution begins.

People used to create vehicles for their needs. at the beginning, they have created vehicles only for travelling but now this is in a different level.

In today’s world, there are lots of companies available for create vehicles. They are creating vehicles with more facilities. so there is huge competition among the companies in the market.

Transportation system gives us lots of benefits. Mainly it’s to save our time. All the people are relying on the system every single day. without this technology transportation is nothing.

But there is also a bad side.    

transportation is now able to form a big impact on society, economy, and the environment.  but the impact on the environment is not in a good situation.

The main reason is exhaust fumes from vehicles. These fumes are polluting the air. It can destroy the ozone layer and this can destroy our entire planet. When the polluted air gets into our body, it can gives us cancers and other related diseases.

Some vehicles have high noises, which can be harmful for us and animals. Even it can disturb our quietness and peacefulness. 

One of the major problem is accidents. In 2019, They estimated 38 800 people had lost their lives by car accidents. and over 4 million people were injured. Those were happened only by cars. Imagine how many types of vehicles being used now and how many people died and injured from these vehicles.


When we talk about ‘ Is technology good or bad for society”, We have to talk about healthcare field because it is very important field.

Technology plays a very important role in the Healthcare field. There are lot of technological devices and equipments invented in the healthcare field. Before technology involved with healthcare, people were only able to predict the disease.

After Technology involved with healthcare, people are able to find out the problem and give a proper treatment.

there are lots of advantages in medical technology as well as several disadvantages.

first, let’s take a look about the advantages.

First thing is good communication. Now patients are able to have a good connection with doctors.

for an example, in hospitals, there are several digital devices are placed in patient’s rooms. In Emergency cases, patients can use those devices to inform the doctors or the nurses. most of the time it is an emergency button.

Also, there are lot of hotline numbers are available for emergencies. So, you can contact the nearest ambulances or healthcare services.

In ancient times, patients’ records were stored in documents. Those documents could be misplaced or destroyed.

Now all the records are stored in computers. And those records are stored in a database. if somehow a patient admits in another hospital, it takes less time to look at patient’s records.

now, let’s take a look about the disadvantages.

most of the treatments are very costly. like surgeries, robotic surgeries, etc. most of the people are poor, so they can’t afford that much cost. This increased cost is one of the disadvantages of Healthcare technology.

Doctors are using machinery devices in healthcare. But these machines can show the wrong results. sometimes they didn’t work properly. So, these machines can be dangerous.


When we are running a business. first thing you need is a good communication with your clients. you can simply use services like Skype, Viber, or any other video calling services. So, this is a benefit of technology in business.

Nowadays most people are spending countless times on social media. And most of the companies expand their business through the online world. We all know this as Online Marketing.

When we handle a large business, then storing office data in files is very hard and need a lot of space. But using a computer is very easy. And if you want, you can store your data in the cloud. Then you can use that data from anywhere in the world.

Also, you can find skilled employees for your business easily. because there are many websites that help you to find skilled people. And if you have a good skill in any subject ( ex – digital marketing, software development…..), you can supply your service all over the world. you can use websites like fiver, freelancer, Upwork for that.

Disadvantages of technology in Business

sometimes your data can be stolen. Most of the companies, stored their data in clouds and other online-based data stores.  but these data can be stolen. So, this is dangerous. Especially for financial companies.

Online shopping is popular among people. There are lots of online stores available. But there is a risk. Because selling products cannot be as described. It can be faked, broken, or something like that. And we can’t check the products physically. This is a disadvantage.

sometimes, when we buy online stuff, our important data like Card details can be stolen.


Security without technology is impossible to think. Because every security system was integrated with modern technology. The best example is the CCTV camera system. Nowadays, Every place has a CCTV system, such as in schools, offices, hotels, parks, even in roads.

This is a benefit in technology. People can secure their places. If something happens, then all the things will be recorded. and also we can see the camera footages live from anywhere in the world if that has an internet connection.

also, there are Fire alarm systems, personal safety systems, computer security systems, etc.

What are the disadvantages?

These security systems are cost too much and their maintenance cost is very high.

We can’t forget that intruders and criminals can trespass the security systems.

 For an example, Hackers can sneak into our CCTV camera systems and stole data or disable cameras or something like that. if the system was connected to internet then the case can be worsening.

How to be aware of the bad side of technology

If anyone asks from you “Is technology good or bad for society”, simply you can say” yes it is good, but also have a bad side”. So how we can prevent the bad side of technology.

There is no unique way to prevent the bad side of technology. First, you can do simple research about what are the benefits you can get, what are the bad effects. then you can take advantages of technology and prevent the disadvantages.

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