How is the information technology industry able to generate more employment.

How is the information technology industry able to generate more employment.

The information technology industry (IT Industry) is the fastest growing industry in the whole world. Also, according to some people, it is the youngest industry in the world now.

According to researches, it has generated lots of jobs in the past 140 years and it will generate more jobs in the future. But you have to remember information technology also destroyed some jobs.

In this article, we are going to show you how the information technology industry is able to generate more employment.

What is information technology industry?

First of all, you have to know what is information technology?

There is no exact definition for information technology.

According to experts in the IT sector,

 “information technology is a sector that deals with computing, including software, telecommunication, hardware and anything that involved in the transmittal of information or the systems that facilitate communication.”

The information technology industry is a sweeping term that covers many information technology-oriented organizations.

When we talk about how IT generates employment, we have to speak about all the organizations or departments that maintain, develop or operate the information technology system.

So, in this case, we can come up with two major segments in IT organization.

1.       Product companies

2.       Service organization

What are the product companies?

These are companies that create and deliver a product or set of products to specific customers. These products can be both hardware and software.

For example, Microsoft provides Microsoft office, google provides google maps, iPhone provides MacBooks.

What are the service organizations?

This is a company that provides services instead of creating physical products. They provide IT solutions to clients, such as strategy, design, and development.

Most of the time these companies referred as agencies, studios and consultancies.

How is the information technology industry able to generate more employment.

We all know this is the youngest industry in the world. And this has generated so many jobs and this will also generate so many jobs in the future. But, who creates these jobs?

For an example,

Steve Jobs, founded Apple Inc in 1976. Now Apple Inc is one of the leading companies in the telecommunication world. The only thing he did was found Apple company. But now more than 137 000 people work for Apple Inc.

When the apple company starts to grow around the world, Apple companies’ jobs span a wide range of roles, such as designers, scientists, construction, manufacturing, retail, customer support, marketing, hardware and software engineers.

As we know, Apple is the one of the largest job creators in the United States, and it is responsible for more than two million jobs.

Now you can get an idea of how information technology generates jobs.

For more understanding read this article further. (don’t get serious about numbers)


Think you are starting a company that creates laptops. And you willing to make and sell 30 000 laptops in next year. 

You can’t make these laptops by yourself, you have to hire some employees for this work. You are hiring 10 employees to design the laptop.

Then hiring another 100 to create the hardware and 200 employees to manufacturing. Now you have hired all of 310 employees to your company.

If you want to sell these products islandwide, you have to start several showrooms across the country. Think you have started 70 showrooms across the country. And 400 employees are working in those showrooms.

Now you have to market these laptops, so you want to hire another 100 employees for this. For good service, you have to create a customer support team to help the problems that buyers have. So you are hiring another 100 employees for that.

In addition, there are so many jobs created in the company, such as cleaners, security section, canteen, transportation, etc.

So you have to hired at least 200 employees for those jobs.

Now you hired 1110 employees to the company. That means your company generated more than a thousand opportunities. Is that all?

No, there are so many job opportunities will be generated outside the company, such as repair shops, software companies that provide software for laptops, etc

There will more than 1500+ job opportunities will be generated because of your company. That’s how information technology industry generates jobs.

I think now you have got the idea.

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