Maintenance Tips For Computer ||10 Tips everyone Should Know

Maintenance Tips For Computer

Most of the people’s common problem is, their computer is running slowly. there are so many reasons for that. Now I am going to tell you about ten Maintenance Tips For Computer.

1.Free up your hard disk space

If your hard disk space is full, and there is no free space, then your pc is running slowly. If your hard disk is full then you have to remove some files and programs to make some space. To keep your computer running fast and clean, you need to have at least 15% of its hard disk space free. If you have enough space but your computer running slow, then there could be something wrong with your computer system or computer hardware.

2. Delete unnecessary files and programs in computer

If your computer has unnecessary files it can be caused to run your computer slow. To avoid that problem, you have to find those unnecessary files and delete those files.

There can be programs that you will never use, but even though you have never used them, that programs slow down your computer by using memory, wasting lots of disk space, and running background process. You have to find those unused applications or programs and delete those programs. But be careful not to remove programs that need for windows operations. 

3.Delete temporary files

First of all, you have a question of what are temporary files?. For example internet history, cookies, and caches. Those can take up some space on your hard disk. You can free up that space on the hard disk by deleting them.

To delete these temporary files on windows, you can run disk cleanup, you can reach to disk cleanup by following these steps Start > All programs > Accessories > System tools > Disk cleanup.

If you use Mac OS X, then you can download CCleaner to find and delete those files in your hard disk.

4. Restart Your Computer at least once a week.

If you use your computer power on for a long time, then background programs and applications are using Its memory. To avoid that, you have to shut down or restart your computer at least once a week.

From doing that you can refresh your memory and prompts tools to run maintenance on it. Shutting down and restart your computer once a week will help to speed up your computer.

5. Clean your computer hardware

First of all, you need to compressed the air and screwdriver. Then shut down your computer and unplug your computer. Disconnect all the cables connected to CPU, such as monitors, scanners, printers, keyboards, mice and speakers.

Then open your computer and use your compressed air to blow out the inside of your computer.look at the inside and outside for any dust you may have missed. Clean the keyboard using a paper towel or something like that.

Clean your monitor with a soft cloth. And finally, and be sure to spray ( water or something you use to clean monitor ) to the cloth rather than spraying to the monitor directly.

6. Use antivirus programs

If you use the internet then you will face this problem. And these viruses harm your computer and viruses are caused to slow down your computer also. computer can be affected by viruses via flash drives etc. 

Antivirus software was developed to detect and remover viruses that can be harmful to computers. There are so many antivirus software you could find. Use good antivirus software, which is updated regularly, because of so many new malware created daily.

what are the best antivirus Softwares?

7. Update your Computer software

Do you know why we need to update the windows? Because windows update comes with new features, new security updates, etc. From updating your computer, you can fix issues in your computer and fix bugs that slow down your computer. Then you can fast up your computer.

To check if your computer software up to date on windows, click Start button then got to All programs then go to windows update and click check for updates. On Mac, go to Apps under the Apple icon menu and click on Updates.

8. Add more RAM to your computer

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. RAM is a temporary storage memory used by computer system to run programs. If you run more programs at one time, Then you will realize your computer is running slow.

If you run heavy programs like Photoshop or run games like assassin’s creed origins, and you will notice that your computer slows down. You can easily fix this by adding more Random Access Memory ( RAM ).

9. Disable programs that run on windows startup

Your computer will slow down when there are too many background programs running. If you have programs that you will never use. Stop them or remove them from running. And your computer will run more smoothly and fast.

10. Defragment your hard drive

Once you removed unnecessary files from your computer. Your next step is to compact the data, remain after removing unnecessary data. You can fast up your computer from defragging your hard drive.

In windows select the search bar on the taskbar and enter defrag. Then select Defragment and optimize drives. Then select the disk drive you want to optimize and click the Optimize button. If your computer has SSD. then don’t do defrag because it does not make sense.  Technology is completely different in SSD drives.

Try all those Maintenance Tips For Computer. it will help you to speed up your computer.

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