Impact of technology on human life and how it has changed our lives

Technology in our life today and how it has changed

Impact of technology on human life.

Technology is the sum of knowledge, skills, methods and techniques used to create tools, machines, products and services that meet our needs and desire. Nowadays we can’t find anything that didn’t involve with technology. Because everything was developed with new technologies and it is still happening. Let’s talk about Impact of technology on human life and how it has changed our lives.

Impact of technology on human life in different fields

communication technology

Communication is one of the important things in our daily lives. Before, technology was involved with communication. Ancient people used animals to communicate.

Alexander Graham Bell’s introduction of the telephone to the world was the biggest turning point in the history of communication. Today communication technology is in an advanced stage.

People can communicate with anyone who is in so far away in just a second. Most of people communicate through internet. With internet people can communicate with anyone from anywhere in the word very easily.

You can call someone on the phone with regular voice chat, but with the modern technology, you can take live video calls. There are lots of apps, tools and services available for that. With these tools you can also share documents and other media files during your conversation. And you can communicate with wide audience at one time.


How technology has changed our lives In healthcare, technology is playing an important role. When we were little, we were given several vaccines for preventing from certain diseases.

If we are in an area, which doesn’t have a hospital, then we can use telemedicine. Telemedicine is a method that patients can use their computer to meet a doctor virtually.

There are lot of machines are available for different types of tests. When we input relevant things, those gave results in a little time. So, we can identify the diseases very easily. And lots of patients can be diagnosed and treated in one day.

Previously you had to go to a hospital to check your sugar level, blood pleasure, etc. But now you can take care of them at home. You can order medicine through internet.


Later time, if we want to buy something then, we have to go to a shop for buying. But now we can order anything from home. There are numbers of service providers for that. eBay, AliExpress, amazon, etc. And all the tools and machines needed to produce goods in large scale are already manufactured.

Nowadays, every business is done through digital techniques. For an example, transfer money through online. Instead of inserting data into files, data is computerized. So we can enter to that from data anywhere in the world and also, we can carry that data easily.

There are lots of businesses which we can do through internet. We can work for companies from home. We can start our own business without a property, and there are some freelance jobs from companies like Fiverr, Upwork.


How technology has changed our lives in education.It is clear that technology has played an important role in education. And that is developing day by day. Students like to learn more by doing researches.

For an example, students like to learn about geography from such as Google Maps or Google Earth instead of looking at a book or pictures. Students can research real world’s things at the moment from internet.

And there are special simulation software, which are available for everyone. So students can study live, how planetary movements happen, how tornado develops, how Tsunami happens, etc.

And if a pandemic happens like Covid-19, students can attend to lectures through online from home.

Technology in Transport

In Ancient time, people used animals for transport. But in today’s world transport is very good. There are vehicles for land, air, and water.

We can go from one place to another very quick. There are vehicles work by diesel, patrol and electricity. Traffic and population growth create a huge demand for transportation infrastructure.

Every man in the world is trying to buy a vehicle. Because, everyone likes to have a vehicle. In this case rich people go for luxury vehicles.

But however, modern vehicles are coming with lot of facilities like automated brake systems, AI mode, autopilot modes, etc. some companies are creating spacecraft to travel other planets.

Impact of technology on human life is a good thing but we have to use it for good unless there will be lot of bad news in future.

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