Simple Ways To Make Extra Money From Home

simple ways to make extra money

Nowadays most people’s common problem is money. You need money for everything. For food, for clothes, for water, etc. you need money for all. But You have lots of questions,

“How can i earn money” , “What should I do to earn money”.

Actually earning money is simple in some ways and not simply in some other ways. Now we are going to talk about simple ways to make extra money.

So, you can earn money in various ways. I am going to talk about two main ways of earning money. One is to earning money online and the other is earning money offline.


Freelancing is a famous way to earn money online. In this, freelancers earn money from doing some jobs online. For example, graphic design, copywriting, web development, software, architecture, etc. if you have skills in any category, then you can try these simple ways to make extra money.

There are some websites that provide freelance jobs. for example, FiverrUpworkfreelancer, etc.only you have to do, is to create an account and find matching jobs from listings. When you have done your work correctly you will be get paid from the client you work for. Before you create an account please read the agreement, then you can easily do it. You can work on several different jobs or projects at once.

2. Start your own website

There are multiple ways we can earn money from a website. But how do I make a website? Now you are stuck. But don’t worry nowadays making a website is very easy. You can make a website from a web developer or you can make a website by yourself. Then you have a question “ how do I make a website, I have no idea about it”.

Well, you can easily make a website using WordPress. After you publish your website and you will have to get more traffic for your site, then sign up for Google Adsense,  when google ads appear on your website and when a visitor clicked on the ads, it helps you to earn money. If your website has quality content with well SEO, you can get more traffic easily.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a business strategy. If you wish to start a business and but you have no things to sell then you can do affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is when you promote some companies’ products, And someone buys products through your affiliate link, you will get a commission. In simply you are helping companies to sell their products, once you sell their product you get a commission.

you can promote more products from different trusted companies and earn commissions from all of the companies. When you have an up and running website, then you can insert web links given by affiliate marketing allowed companies to your site. If visitors click that link and buy products or services, then you will get paid.

4 selling your products online

You can earn lots of money from selling products online. For this, you can use various methods. You can create your own website for selling your products or you can use famous sites like amazon,  AliexpresseBay, etc for selling your products.

There is a lot of competition for selling and there are lots of websites in the market. If you selling products online in the right way you can grow your business easily. You have to sell good products for customers and should not cheat to customers ever.

5. Drive taxi

If you have a vehicle like a car. then you can earn money from that. Companies like Uber and lyft offer a great opportunity to make some money. If you can drive safely you can do it. you can do it the time you like, in nigh, evening, weekend, weekdays or morning, The choice is yours.

6. Become a tutor

If you have good knowledge on various subjects and if you have good confidence in you, then you can Teach your things to others for money. You can start a tuition class in your area or you can teach on websites for money. Websites like UdemyCoursera offer a great opportunity for that.

7.  Rent your space 

If you live in a city or near a school or where many people go, you can rent your space for the money. For example, you can rent your rooms for schoolchildren or people who work on companies. You can rent your parking space for people. Buy doing that you can earn a little money from home doing nothing.

If you live in a beautiful location then you can rent your space for film shooting. It does not matter whether you live in a mansion or a little house, production companies are interested in all types of homes.

8. Write a blog

From blogging, you can earn lots of money. If you have a website then start blogging.

Your blog needs to be perfect. The person, who is reading should be able to read it without any doubt. If you don’t have a website, but you have skills to write blogs then you can write blogs or articles for peoples who need blogs. You can find clients in websites like FiverrFreelancerUpwork.

9. Rent out items you own

Do you have items you less use or never used? Then you can rent out those items and earn some extra money.for example projector, subwoofers, cameras. You can rent out those items online from websites like and You can list items you own and rent out.


Youtube is a place you can earn lots of money. First, you have to create a youtube channel. You have to choose a niche and make videos for that niche. Youtube has given some conditions to apply for monetizing. After you complete those conditions, you can apply for monetizing.when you get monetize enabled to your channel you can start earning money.

learn those simple ways to make extra money . Good luck!

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