Relationship Between The Good Life and Science

What Is The Relationship Between The Good Life and Science

We live in the age of information where everything is accessible and possible. However, we’ve been chasing the answer to the question: what is the relationship between the good life and science? Since the rapid growth of scientific research and inventions.

In earlier times, people didn’t have to associate the good life with science because there wasn’t much scientific development at that time. However, today scientific inventions have become a part of our routine, and so we look forward to an answer to this question.

Today, we’re going to clear the air and talk about the significant relationship between science and the good life. If you want the answer to this question, then keep up with the reading.

Science and The Good Life Are Independent

Well, here’s the answer to this question. Science and the good life are interdependent, and they affect each other just like the concept of cause and effect. Science and its researches and invention have a great impact on human life, precisely the good life. And it is the pursuit of a good life that fuels the passion for scientific development in the world.

Hence, both of them can be used as cause and effect alternatively according to a specific situation; for example, paracetamol is a scientific invention that influences our life in terms of good health.

Before its invention, we couldn’t battle flu, cough, and fever but the pursuit of living the good life led to the invention of paracetamol.

What Is The Good Life, and How Does Science Influence It?

It’s not enough knowing the relationship between good life and science. This concept is better understood by understanding the meaning of the good life itself and then moving on to science’s role in it.

Does science and technology always leads us to good life?

So, what makes life a good life? For me, it’s happiness, satisfaction, productivity, efficiency, good health, and peace. That’s what makes life good for me, but it can vary from person to person.

Nevertheless, keeping these factors as the basis of this analysis. We can say that science has contributed, if not less, but more to the process of living a good life. I’ll just say that science gave life to the concept of the good life. Without it, we can not possibly achieve everything that makes a good life.

For instance, think of the technological advancements as a result of scientific research that has led us to create more employment and give birth to many different industries, which have had a trickle-down effect on peoples’ living standards hence, influencing the quality of life they live.

Moreover, scientific inventions like the vacuum cleaner, washing machines, ovens, and blenders have made us efficient in doing house chores, which enables us to save time that can be used for more productive and creatives activities.

Not just that, science and its astonishing inventions have allowed the whole world to connect. Imagine how challenging it was before computers and emails were invented to send letters or convey any sort of message or information.

But now we have the internet, mobile phones, social media, and whatnot. Thanks to science, humans can connect to their loved ones and professional acquaintances with the help of such inventions that again contributed to a good and productive life.

But above all, science is a part of our daily lives. We just started to explore this field and used it to grow and develop the human world. Precisely, science is the study of humans and nature through practical and theoretical observations and experiments.

Science and Human Development

Science not only provides us with convenient inventions. It has also contributed to human development as a whole. Because of science, mankind was able to find answers to questions like: is the earth flat or round? What is space and beyond this planet? How does the human body function?

And much more unanswered mysteries were able to solve because of scientific research and scientist, which has provided us with immense knowledge and information to transform ourselves humans more refined and learned people.

It’s the science that has made it possible to question reality and find answers. To become more aware of nature and its properties. And above all, science has enabled humans to use nature’s gifts for their benefit and development.

Science and Healthcare

The world is facing a pandemic right now, which will soon be over as the vaccines for Covid-19 have been prepared now. Without the help of such scientific advancements, I doubt the world would’ve been able to produce vaccines in such a short span.

Thus, this makes one thing clear that science and the good life have a very important relationship. Because good health is a key element to a good life, and science is helping us take care of our health in unimaginable ways. It’s making it possible for us to battle and prevent fatal diseases, and right now, a pandemic.

For a second think, if you hadn’t had these medicines and healthcare facilities, that are a result of scientific inventions. Will you call that a good life? I think not! I mean, who would call life good when it’s filled with all the suffering: which is caused by illness and disease.

Moreover, the revolution science has brought to the health and research sector is incredible. Due to science, we were able to discover the fields of biological engineering, which has made it possible to combine the conventional techniques of engineering with biology. The result of this is diagnosis facilities like MRI, X-rays, artificial joints, and knees.

In addition to this, with the passing time, scientists are making huge developments in the field of genetics too, which can really prove to be a milestone in understanding human genetics and how it works.

Drawbacks of Science for The Good Life

Where science has countless advantages to living a good life, there are also many drawbacks of science to the good life, and we’re going to discuss some of the most prominent ones below.

The Negativity of The Internet

The Internet is undoubtedly a massive scientific invention in the history of the world, but at the same time, it has proven to be negative and harmful for people. Especially social media’s unrealistic approach to life has given rise to much mental illness like anxiety, depression, loneliness, and even self-harm in extreme cases.

According to the research, around 32% of kids between the ages of 13 and 17 experience anxiety, and 25% of people between the age of18-25 experience mental illness. Now, this ratio is constantly increasing, which can pose a threat in the future to the mental health of people.

Not only the mental health is at stake, but another kind of crime has taken birth due to this scientific development, which is cyberbullying and online harassment. And around 59% of the US teens alone have experienced this. So, how much would it be affecting other countries that may not even have strong laws against such crimes?

The Threat to World Peace

If we look at other bigger problems caused by science. Then we can count on the weapons created with the help of science—especially nuclear weapons which can risk the safety of the whole world.

If used, these weapons can only cause destruction to human life but no good. Hence, this scientific invention is rather a threat than a benefit to the good life in which people wish to live in peace and harmony.

Lack of Physical Activity

The extended and prolonged technology is causing many physical conditions like obesity, eye strains, type two diabetes, heart disease, and premature death. Because the young generation is mostly indoors using their devices like mobile phones, computers, and tablets. This results in a lack of adequate physical activity that is essential for any person’s health and fitness.

The Rise in Unemployment

Science has enabled the business and industries to become more and more efficient with the invention of machines and robots. However, these inventions are also leading to a rise in unemployment throughout the world because human labor is no more needed in production, and if it is there, not much of a job left to do, which results in low wages and salaries.

The Takeaways:

Science and the good life have a very deep and interdependent relation like cause and effect. In fact, science is the basis of a good life. It is a science that has made human life more comfortable and convenient than before.

However, everything has its drawbacks, and so does the growing scientific inventions. They make us efficient and productive, but on the other hand, these inventions can pose a threat to the good life. Hence, a measured use is advisable for the betterment of mankind, or it could result in the annihilation of the humans.

If this article proved to be helpful in getting your answer to the what is the relationship between the good life and science, then don’t forget to leave your review in the comments section below.

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