Is Gaming A Talent or Skill ? – Here is All You Need to Know

is gaming a talent

Is gaming a talent? All of us are born with any talent. It is just innate. You find yourself good at juggling even when you had never practiced for it. Likewise, there are many other suck talents that people are born with. But what does it imply that people not born with talent can never learn it? This is what we call a skill. Skill is something you are not born with, but you practice and learn it. By learning it, you eventually become good at that skill, and you own it.

The same thing can be a talent for someone but a skill for someone else. Anyhow, talent cannot last long if you don’t polish it. You have to put in some effort to make it worth it.

Is Gaming A Talent?

Continuing the battle of talent and skill, what do you think of gaming as? Is gaming a talent or skill? In my opinion gaming, itself is a skill, and rarely is a person who is born with a talent in gaming because it does not involve your one skill. There are many traits that couple up and make you good at gaming. So, one person cannot have so many talents. Even if you have them, you need to polish them.

There are some specific skills required in gaming like concentration span, ways to deal with difficult situations, and mental processing power, which are talents. If a person is good at these skills, then he or she gets an edge at gaming because these are some key skills required. But along with these, there are many other skills that you can get better by practice and consistent effort, which are crucial to gaming.

So if you are thinking that person who is not good at gaming will be blaming that he or she is not talented enough, then it is completely absurd. It does not require any talents that you cannot get better at.

Gaming is a skill, and you can polish this skill over time with practice. Once you are good at this skill, you have no idea how good it can be for you. It can be beneficial for you as a person in improving your cognitive abilities. Also, you can pursue it as a career.

Video Gaming Is for All

Video gaming is something that people of every age group can play. We need to stop stereotyping video games as a teen’s game and not as something most boys play. Both girls and boys can play it. There are video games for kids that are less strategic and more fun to increase kids’ interest. If you let kids play such games at a young age, it will improve their cognitive abilities. They will develop an interest in video games. And after a few years, you will see them excelling at other video games.

Even people of quite older ages are so good at video games, and they have built careers in gaming. Video gaming is never a game for a specific age group. If you like playing it, then play it. It doesn’t matter if you are good at it or not. You will eventually end up being great at it.

How to Get Good at Video Games?

  1. Watch and learn
  2. Play the simple old school video games
  3. play with your younger siblings
  4. Practice more
  5. Join a video gaming team
  6. Do your research about the game
  7. buy more comfortable controllers
  8. Don’t wear yourself down

If you are not good at gaming, then it isn’t a big deal. You can always polish your skills, and you will soon get great at playing video games. Some of the tips on how you can get good at it are as follows:

1. Watch and Learn

Many gamers are top gamers, and they post their gameplays on social media. You can watch them and learn how to play better. They also guide how to play it the right way, and you can get some tips and tricks from them.

2. Play the Simple Old School Video Games

If you are not proficient at this generation’s video games, you should start from the old school video games. They are easier, and they make you familiar with the controls and basic strategy of video games. You are pro until you move to advanced video games.

3. Play with Your Younger Siblings

It isn’t obvious that your younger sibling will not be good at gaming, but supposedly they might be lesser in intellect. You can play against them, and you will get a margin on winning it and learn better.

4. Practice More

Mastering a skill is never a big problem if you keep practicing. It doesn’t matter that you are spending more time on gaming. You can cut down your screen time once you are good at it.

5. Join A Video Gaming Team

There are video gaming clubs in school and if your school doesn’t have one, look for one in your area. Such clubs put you in teams and mentor you on video gaming. This way, you can learn better.

6. Do Your Research About the Game?

If you are to play a game, don’t start playing it completely unprepared. Research about it. Talk to those who play it, surf on the internet about the strategy of the game, and watch game walkthroughs. When you already know about it, it will be easier for you to play.

7. Buy More Comfortable Controllers

Controllers play a very crucial role in how good you are at gaming. At times you have the right reflex, and you know how to play the game, but the controllers aren’t comfortable. Buy controllers that fit in your hands right and are comfortable.

8. Don’t Wear Yourself Down

When gaming, you have to spend hours in front of the screen sitting in the same posture. Make sure you don’t keep sitting like that for too long as it will lead to backache. Also, don’t play for too long that your mind even wears out.

Benefits of Playing Video Games

  1. Helps you concentrate Better
  2. helps you coordinate better
  3. Improves multitasking skills
  4. Builds problem-solving skills
  5. Make You More Tolerant

Gaming is something you can never say wastage of time. Of course, too much of it can be hazardous to your health. Still, if you play them within the defined limits, you will see that playing video games can be very beneficial.

1. Helps You Concentrate Better

The best thing about it is that it helps your concentration better. Even if you feel like you don’t have a longer attention span and wish to increase it, video games can be the best option for you. When you get to focus on your player as well as the opponent at the same time, it will automatically make you concentrate.

2. Helps You Coordinate Better

Usually, video games have many players with whom you have to communicate during the game. It helps you get over that hesitation, which you have when you are talking to a stranger. You can coordinate better with them regarding the game, and it also makes you better at ice-breaking.

3. Improves Multitasking Skills

Video games are usually multitasking. You have to complete the mission, make sure that your player is doing it well, and then lookout for the opponent. When your brain is focusing on so many things at the same time, it makes you focus on a lot of things in real life as well.

4. Builds Problem Solving Skills

Gaming is all about problem solving and simulation. When you have to brainstorm your way through the most difficult mission in the games, you will definitely apply this strategy in solving your real-life problems. The thing about problems is that they aren’t that big on their own, but we make a great deal out of them just by the anticipation of what might happen next. Problem-solving skills kill that anticipation and tension.

5. Make You More Tolerant

Do you feel like you rage out on the smallest problems, then you should definitely go for gaming? At first, it might seem challenging to keep yourself back from lashing out at the opponent and facing defeat. But eventually, you will learn that game comes with wins and losses, and you will have to bear with it. It creates a sportsman spirit in you and also makes you patient and tolerant.

Is Gaming A Good Career?

Most people think of gaming as a hobby or a leisure time sport, but it is more than that. If you are good at it, you can build a career in it. There are universities offering bachelor’s degrees and diplomas in gaming. You can get to international platforms once you get exceptionally good at it. There are very good salary packages for gamers’ jobs.

You can even start coaching gaming. Other than that, you can make and design your own games if you want to proceed with this career. All these options are great career options, but the only thing that isn’t good is that gaming is a very short-lived career option.

Bottom Line:

If you are good at something, you should not give up on it. You have got one life to do everything you want to do, so don’t hold back from it. If you aren’t good at gaming, start gaming, and you will get good at it. Gaming is a skill that no one is born with. Everyone learns it and gets better at it, so will you.

This was my opinion on gaming. Let me know what you think; is it a skill or talent in the comment section below?

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