Easiest Way To Become A Web Developer Without A Degree

Easy way to become a web developer without a degree

Simply I can say web development  is developing websites for the internet. Web development includes building and maintaining websites. Web development is classified Into two main categories. Front-end development and Back-end development. 

I am not gonna talk in depth about front-end and back-end development in this article. But if you don’t know about it,  click here to know about it.

Can you become a web developer without a college degree?

Yes of course you can become a web designer or developer or whatever without a college degree. A degree can seem like the best way to start your career as a web developer and it is not wrong it is correct. You will learn everything you should know about developing if you do a degree. 

Studying for a degree takes time and money. There are some people out in the world that can’t afford a degree. So can you get a job as a  web developer if you don’t have a degree?

Yes you can become a web developer without a college degree. But there are certain things that you can do to become a web developer.  Some things you should accomplish to become a good developer.

You can choose to be a front end developer , back end developer or both ( full stack developer). If you don’t know much about it read below linked article to everything about Full stack developer.

Who Is FullStack Developer |Definition, Skills And Salary

How to become a web designer without a degree – 7 Steps

I am going to tell you 7 things that you can do to land on your first developer job

  1. Take time to specialize
  2. Master the Languages
  3. Work on your skills
  4. Develop a passion
  5. an online portfolio
  6. Get to grips with user experience
  7. Do projects as much as you can
  8. Stay Updated
  9. Invest on your tools
  10.  Get a job as a developer

Take time to specialise

First thing you should know is “IT TAKES TIME”. You can’t learn coding overnight and become a web developer. It takes time and patience. There are so many ways to learn web development. First you have to find a way and master it.

Complete road map to become a web developer

This is a broad industry that has many specialities.  If you don’t go down the right way it will be hard. Lot of people are learning web development and a lot of people can’t learn it right because they are not focusing on one track. They try one thing today and then after some days they stopped it and started something else. 

This happens because there are so many technologies out there. They can’t figure out what they should learn. If you are one of them, I refer to the below linked article to clear out some things.

My journey as a web developer

I am telling you to take your time and find out what you should learn and learn that particular area very well. 

Master the Languages

Whether you enjoy it or not, You must master the essential languages to become a successful developer. Your aim should not be “Learn as many languages as I can”. Your aim should be to learn what is best and in demand if you want to get a job easily. You can refer to a stackoverflow survey to find a language that  fits you.

Every web developer should learn HTML, CSS and javaScript. And also about css and javascripts frameworks. These are the fundamental web developing skills. These will give kickstart to your web developing career. 

Learn one language very well. Most of the programming language concepts are the same, only syntax will be changed. If you mastered one language very well then it is easier to learn other languages as well. Start low and go slow.

10 Tips to master a any programming language Easy

And when I talk about learning a language very well I mean programming paradigm( Object-oriented programming, functional programming, etc). In general, the best programmer means, who can make most use of it, not the person who knows the language. You can learn what a function is and how to create a function. But the thing is you must know to use the function at the right time in the right place.

The best way to be good in any programming language is use it frequently.

Work on your skills

developing your skills in programming and problem solving is a must. When I started programming, I practiced programming everyday for at least three hours. I didn’t go to sleep without doing it. I know it sounds hard but once you get used to it is easy. It helps me to build my skills. 

At the beginning I couldn’t do projects by myself. I used to watch youtube tutorials to build it. But I understand that I can’t get out of this tutorial hell if I watch tutorials again and again. So I stopped it and tried to do projects all by myself. Sometimes it took days to finish a single project. But it is very hard  but I never quit. It gives me confidence.

Developing your skills means practice. And practice does not mean developing the same skill. It means you have to shift to new things and try harder. And keep doing it.

My story of becoming a web developer

Develop a passion

You can’t do anything if you don’t like it. If i asked 100 men, “are you like your job?” Most of the people say they don’t like it. Because they only care about money, but we can’t blame those people because we don’t know their situation or their options.  

But if you are willing to be a web developer. You must have a passion. Because you can’t work if you are not happy about your job. If you have a passion, it will boost your overall productivity and enhance performance. 

Researchers say that people who enjoy their jobs are more likely to be motivated, optimistic and do better in their jobs.

Build an online portfolio

You can get a job if you convince them of things that you are capable of. So the best way to do this is building an online portfolio. 

Portfolio is proof of what you are capable of. So build a portfolio with all your projects together. With an online portfolio, you can display your best projects, your personal information, your services, etc.

The main benefit of a portfolio is everything in one place .And also having a portfolio have lot of benefits. Such as boosting your online presence, it will reflect your personality and creativity, establish and strengthen your brand.

Get to grips with user experience

When developing a website, User Experience is one of the important parts. You have to develop a website to fulfill the user’s needs. People say that user experience defines the brand. So you should be able to create the best user experience and solve end-users problems. 

There are some benefits of best UX design. Such as, increasing productivity, increasing end user engagement, etc. So if you are able to do it there is no one can stop you from getting you a high paid job or boost your business and brand name. 

Do projects as much as you can

As I told you earlier. Practice makes you perfect. Find some projects and build. If you have no idea about projects, Go to frontendmentor.io You can find hundreds of products from that site. Then you can update your  portfolio with these projects.

And also try to build clones, such as facebook clone, twitter clone, amazon clone, netflix clone, etc. And also you can go to freelancing websites, like  upwork. In these sites you can find that people are looking for freelancers to do their projects. I don’t mean to go and try to get a job from these sites. I mean read their offers and find out what they are looking for from a developer. What type of problems they are trying to solve.

And try to solve those problems. It will help you to get an idea  about what customers are looking from developers.

Stay Updated

Staying updated is a must in this path. Because these things are changing everyday. For example, several years ago the php language was pretty famous and almost every developer used it. And it is still famous and most of the websites on the internet are using php.

 But the thing is, is php still in demand compared to other new technologies. The answer is no if you look at stackoverflow survey 2021 you can see that javascript is way too popular than php. And javascript came as script language but now we can build serversides using javascript libraries and frameworks.

So you have to keep update your skills with the newest technologies.

Invest on your tools

If you are a developer, you know that computer is your best friend. So having a up to date computer and software is a good idea.

Get a job as a developer

Try to find companies that you are interested, try to find developing communities through sites like linkendin. And also you can joi online communities that are for developers. Do a job and get the experience. Some people say that experience is valuable than anything.

And also you can find  freelance jobs from freelance sites like, fiverr, upwork. My advise is don’t rush anything take time and master. Stick into schedule. Then everything will be right.

If You wan’t you can start a web developing business. Here is the steps to start a web development business

Now you know that you can be a web designer without a degree. All you need is dedication. And if you want some tips to learn web development read below linked article.

Learn web development fast | beginner’s guide

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