What is technology digital literacy and what are the key digital literacy skills

What is technology digital literacy

In this article, I will answer your question “what is technology digital literacy”. I did simple research about this and I found the most important information about it. I am going to share this important information with you, Read this article further.

What is technology digital literacy?

I asked a few people about what is digital literacy. The common answer I got, digital literacy means having the skills we need to live, learn and work in a society where communication and information technology is increasingly through technologies like the internet, social media, computers, mobile phones.

Simply we can say, digital literacy means having skills to use the technology effective.

Here are some key Digital literacy skills,

1 Searching effectively

What is searching effectively, think we are searching something on the internet, whether it’s a document, photo, video or whatever, we need to learn to evaluate the quality, credibility, and validity of media and to give proper credit to the source.

For an example, when the teacher asks us to do projects. The first thing we do is searching on the internet. after we find the related information, such as images, videos. We can’t just put those into our projects. We have to give credits to the original owner or ask them to use their information.

2 Protecting their and others’ private information in online

Protecting their and other private information in online is very important. So, we need to learn about internet safety. We all have to know the internet is not a safe place unless we use standard websites or companies.

nowadays, almost all people using the internet for their works, such as online banking, online shopping, social media. So, protecting our data is important. So, we have to use strong passwords, privacy settings etc.

for an example, when we are doing online shopping through eBay, we are using our debit card or credit card to pay. We are paying using our cards without a doubt because we know our data is safe with them. they are building our trust over years.

So, protecting theirs’ and our private information is very important when we are online, otherwise we have to face so many problems, such as stolen our identity, using our photos.

3 Giving proper credit when using other people’s work

We are living in a world where anything can be copied, pasted and even claimed as one’s own. So, it is important to learn correctly cite sources.

For an example, think you doing a blog on the internet and you are using some parts from someone else’s work. So, it is important and legally and ethically to give copyright credit. Because it is not only providing proof of the research you conducted and enhance your credibility, this will also help you to avoid any form of plagiarism.

There are few steps to follow when you are giving copyright credit,

  1. Identify the owner
  2. Determine your usage
  3. Get appropriate permission
  4. Place a copyright notice

4 Understanding digital footprints

This word is unfamiliar to most of you. What is digital footprint. Digital foot print is a track of data that created while using the internet (web). this includes websites you visit, emails you send, information you provided to online services, etc.

For an example, when you visit a website, web server will log your Ip address, which identified your internet service provider (ISP) and your location. Your Ip address can be change and it does not include your private information. It is part of your digital footprint.

For an example, when we are publishing a blog or social media post, our digital footprint is expanding. Thus, tweet our posts in Twitter, every post we post on Facebook, every photo we share on Instagram contributes to our digital footprint. The more we spend time on internet, our digital footprint will be large.

Everyone who using internet has a digital footprint. Your browser history also is your digital footprint

 So, it not a big deal to consider about.

5 Respecting each other’s ideas and opinions

We are living in a world filled with conflict, opinions and worldviews, likes and dislikes are different from people to people in this world. So, we have to learn to respects other’s ideas and opinions. If you trash others online you will never receive their respect. If you want respect, give respect. All of us must be good people.

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