14 Surprising benefits of playing video games

surprising benefits of playing video games

Mainly video games are used for enjoyment, but these video games can be addictive.  But there are lot of benefits of playing video games. If we use these video games correctly we can gain so many benefits. And I am going to tell you the Surprising benefits of playing video games.

  • Improve the brain speed
  • Develop coordination
  • Developing problem-solving skills
  • Enhances memory
  • Improves attention and concentration
  • One best way of learning
  • Enhance multitasking ability
  • Improve social skills
  • Prevent bad habits
  • Can reduce stress
  • Video games can ease pain
  • Best time passing activity
  • Improves reading ability
  • Playing games as an occupation

Improve the brain speed

When you playing a video game, your brain is interacting with the game. Here your brain gets simulated by the game in different ways. Your brain gets simulated by visuals and also by audio  and at the same time your brain should give the massages to the hands to do some movements.

Think you are in between a battle and you have to fight speedily to win that battle. Therefor your brain should at fast and react to the situation. Here, it is similar to playing sports. You have to hit the ball by visualizing it’s speed and move your arm according to the speed and the correct time. So this simulate the brain more and it will eventually develop the speed.

Develop coordination

If you are looking at a computer, you are not just looking at it. At the same time, you brain and eyes are interacting at the same time.

While you are playing a video game, your brain, eyes, hands and ears are interacting at the same time. By playing video games your visual, audio and physical movements are coordinating with each other. This is beneficial for brain development. The same thing happens if you do sports or play music instruments. But this does not support the physical improvements.

Therefor playing video games least than three hours is good for health. Therefor these are the benefits of playing video games. But playing video games hours and hours long is not good for health.

Developing problem solving skills

If someone plays a video game he or she should follow the rules of the game. He or she will be bounded by the rules and instructions.

 For an example, If someone plays a chess video game he or she must follow the relevant rules in a chess game. A pawn can not go backwards in a chess game. Likewise a video game player gets the practice of following relevant rules and the person gets to solve problems by staying the provided instructions and the range.

So practising the same routing, video game players develop the skill of problem solving by using the resources they have  and they practise not to panic in the problematic situations. These are the benefits of playing video games.

Enhances memory

When you start a video game, you will be given some instructions to play the game. There, you have to memorize and follow the given instructions through out the whole game. You must remember the relevant keys for the relevant actions. And also you must memorize the combo key patterns to special movements. By practising this, gamers enhance memory without knowing.

Even memorizing and using the correct key or the keys quickly at the right time even improves the memorizing skill more than you think.

Improves attention and concentration

Most of the video games are created in attractive ways. They can attract video game players and they can take the video game players to their fantasies.

So video game players focus their attention and concentration towards the game and they do not get distracted by other things. By practising this skill benefits the video game players to focus on one thing at a time in their real life. even not playing video games. So video game players can focus their attention towards one thing and concentrate their minds to the works which they  are doing until it is finished.

Here it is not the addiction which I meant. It is the ability of focusing the attention and concentrating.

One best way of learning

There is no age limit for video games. Also there is no any age limit for learning. In present there are lots of video games which are based on different subjects. They target academic subjects also. This is also a good method to learn without traditional method of using books. Because visuals and audio using is the best method to teach a child subjects than using books and blackboards.

Nowadays even in schools, these methods are used by teachers. Video games even develop the creativity and imagination.

For an  example, if you play assassin’s creed game series, you are able to visit ancient sites and study then and roam through the ancient sites. Even this game series includes historical incidents. Therefor learning history is not as hard as you think.

Enhance multitasking ability

Here, video game player should do few tasks at the same time.

For an example, If you play an action game, there you have to focus about so many things on the screen. Health, energy levels, upcoming enemies, ammunition left, available time and also the map and the direction which you must lead your character by using the joystick or mouse and keyboard. By doing that you must focus on so many actions and pay your attention to not get killed.

By that we can understand  the player does multitasks while  playing the game by knowing the needed requirements of the game and respond according to them.

Improve social skills

If you play online games,  you can play with a team. Some games provide this option to play as a team by using internet. To play these kind of games, the players should have a bond and a good communication within them and a team working ability. These develop the social relationships with others because most of the time these players are unknown and they could be foreigners. Therefor language skills will be improved and people can meet new friends.

Prevent bad habits

There are some with bad habitual actions such as thumb sucking,  nail biting, nose picking, etc. the scientific researches have proven that, these bad habits can be discouraged by focusing the attention towards a different work and distracted them from these bad habits. So scientists recommend playing video games is the best distraction method for the people who have these bad habits. So these are the benefits of playing video games.

Can reduce stress

This is another benefit of playing video games. Video games can reduce stress of a person. Or maybe not. It depends on the game you are playing or the way you are playing the game. But according to the researches if a person with stress plays video games, that helps the person to reduce the stress level and get back to normal

Video games can ease pain

Think, if someone met an accident and that person has to stay on bed. Then it might be a pain in both mind and the body. But that person gets distracted by something else, there might not be a time to think about the pain. So what is the best way to distract someone’s mind?

Best time passing activity

If you want to pass time this is the best way. You will have no sense about the time if you will interact with a video game. Some people do this as hobby. Even you can play some knowledge developing games and games which help with your academic studies.

Improves reading ability

Children nowadays are not willing to read. According to them reading is a boring time passing activity. But reading improves the creativity, imagination, writing ability and grammar. So how can we get them to read ?

There are some games which are related to reading. Even in every game players should read the instructions, letters, stories and dialogs. So playing video games eventually helps with reading. Also some may go through internet to find more information about games and  they will read articles, forums and even they will join the game related chats. So these are the benefits of playing video games.

Playing games as an occupation

Playing video games is not just only a enjoyment activity, it can also used as a money earning method. There are some video game companies organize video game playing events and competitions, where you can participate and win prize moneys or benefits.

Even some video games companies hire video gamers to test there productions before they publish the games. Therefor those companies will pay you well.

Also in video game industry, you can have careers such as cording, marketing, event management and etc.

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