10 Steps To Start Your Web Development Business

easiest way to become a web developer without a college degree

Starting a career in web development is a challenge. With the right knowledge and resources, You can win this challenge easily. Only you should do is work hard and smart.

Well, Nowadays almost everything is based on the internet. Everything on the internet is built by developers. There are more than 1 billion web sites exists, And these numbers are changing daily as websites launched or lost. According to researchers, more than 250 000 websites are created globally.

Web development jobs are expected to grow 13% from 2018-2028. That might not sound like a good number but the normal job growth of all industries is only 5% and In IT industry, it is 12%.

What Is A Web Development Business? What Do They Do?

Main thing that web development companies do is ideating, designing, creating and maintaining websites and applications.

Think you have a business and you  need to take that business into the whole world. The first thing that comes to your mind is a website. Websites come in a variety of styles and sizes. You can contact a web development company and build a website as you need.

  • You can choose a coding language.
  • You can give your own design and content to build a website.

What do web developers do?

Web developers are responsible for developing websites and web apps according to web standards. They should be able to develop user-friendly websites. Which means the websites should be easy to navigate.

Web developers should be able to develop front end back end or both ( full stack). And also having skills in UX design and tools like figma will increase web developers profile.

Is the web development business profitable?

Basically yes, Web development is a profitable business. There are so many companies that are doing simple web development. And also there are some companies that offer tools to build websites. This means there are so many shitty websites all over the world.

You have to know exactly what you are going to build. If you don’t know what you are doing, then you are also a shitty developer. And you will not be able to make it a profitable business. You will definitely go down.

So, first you have to know what you are going to do. Learn Everything and practice more, Programming is a wide subject. You can’t learn everything in a year because it is developing day by day. 

If you are a good developer then starting a business in web development is a good decision. But you have to get in touch with the latest technologies.

7 questions to ask from yourself before starting a web development business

  1. What are my goals?

Identifying your goals is a must because you can’t start a business if you don’t have a goal. 

First you have to write down your goals that you are willing to archive. But step by step. Because you can’t achieve all goals overnight, it is not practical. First start a business small and then expand it.

Know what you’re gonna do.

  1. Who is my customer?

You have to choose what kind of services that you are offering and what kind of customers that you are targeting. For example- If you are building ecommerce websites, you have to promote your business to people who are doing stores or people who are offering services. 

  1. What are the startup and ongoing costs?

You can draft a business plan to estimate your business startup costs. You have to estimate your revenue, profit, and expenses for the next three to five years.

  1. How to promote my business?

There are so many ways to promote your strategy. People are starting businesses because they know about their industry and they know what people want. So what is the best way to promote your web development business?. Actually there are so many ways to do that. You have to come up with a budget and a plan. And  Find out what type of audience that you should target and promote it.

  1. How to handle legal side?

When you are starting a business, You should probably take care of the legal side. You should have a full understanding of the way law works. You have to protect the rights of the company and of the people who work there. And also you should establish a certain standard for how things should be run.  The business can go through tough times sometimes, so the legal side is very important.

  1. Identifying the competitors?

There are so many people trying to start a web development business. So it is not simple as you can see. You have to be the best among other companies, you have to offer great services, You have to build your brand. You have to offer what others do not offer. Show them what you can do. Show them how your company is different from others.

  1. What people are looking from a web development company?

You have to understand what people are looking for from a web development company. There are lots of web development companies available that give you simple websites. Nowadays anyone can develop simple sites. For example there are so many tools that we can build websites from drag and drop, like wordpress, blogger. 

So you have to go far and build complicated sites like bank management systems, learning management systems. That’s what people are looking for from a web developer. You should be able to do whatever they ask whether it is simple wordpress website or complicated website.

10 Steps to start a web developing business

  1. Setting up your working Plan

First you have to come up with a plan. This means Where you work, what kind of devices you should use,  understand how many hours you can work while maintaining your productivity, etc.

You are a web developer, so it is essential to have great computers. Buy the best computer that you can buy. 

 Always have backups, because you never know what will happen.  Especially having an electricity generator attached to the power system. And also other things, such as, VGA cards, monitors, power supplies, hard drives, etc.

  1. Make a team

Now you have a plan. Now you have to gather a team. You can find good web developers from online communities focused on web developing. Social media platforms like facebook and linkedin are great places for that. You can even find employees from freelancing sites.

Main thing is to find trusted partners. Who provides the best to your company. When you are making your team you have to think about all things not just about developers you have to find good designers, SEO experts, digital marketers and also someone to manage the team. Because you can’t do all the things by yourself.

  1. Decide what you gonna do and their prices

You have to define what services that you are going to offer. And prices for those services. For example, If you’re going to offer web hosting services, you have to come with several plans.

Also you have to define, what are your payment methods?. How to estimate your project prices. How to pay your employees. How to pay your taxes, etc.

  1. Name your company

This is very important. Company name is not just a name, it is the brand.  All your products go under the company’s name. When you are building a brand, name and logo is very important. So finding a unique name is important. 

  1. Address legal and administrative requirements

Check your government and get your business register and get a license. By registering your company, you can claim and protect your company’s identity. There are several reasons why you should register your business. Such as,

  • Customers simply can understand your business as legitimate business.
  • You can apply for business loans, You can find investors easily.
  • After you register your business. Your personal and business finances will be treated as separate. 
  • This will help you a lot when dealing with customers.
  1. Create your proposals and contract templates

In project proposal, You have to specify several elements – 

Project background – problems, challenges, opportunities exist when creating the project

Objectives – Intended outcomes of this project.

Project Scope – steps of the project, what elements should be included in the project, how will the objectives be reached through this project.

  1. Formalize project management and communication

You have to find a way to track time and communication. Also you have to find a good way to manage projects. 

  1. Craft your brand

Brand starts with a name and logo. But in deep it is about connecting with your audience and building your reputation. Brand name is unique. It makes customers want to hire you instead of other competitors. 

  1. Build your online presence

Building an online presence can give clients a huge chance to understand who you are and what your business is.  Having a good online presence can not only increase your audience, but also build your brand name while building up your credibility.

  1. Find your client

Know your audience and show them what you can do. Give reasons to customers to choose you. Don’t focus on money, focus on quality. Do promotions, reach clients who are looking for services. Remember, starting was always hard.

Can I be a web developer without college degree?

Yes. You can. There are hundreds of resources available for to learn programming. Some of them are absoulte free and some of them are paid. click here to know about easiest ways to become a web developer without college degree.

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